Ssh over http/https?

Hi guys.
Is it possible to run ssh over http/https?
If yes, how?

No, SSH is a separate protocol. You use either SSH or HTTPS (unless you do some sort of tunneling, but I assume you’re talking about Git access here).

It is possible to connect to GitHub over SSH using the same port as HTTPS (TCP port 443), which is useful if you’re behind a firewall that blocks outgoing connections to the default SSH port (TCP port 22). Instructions for how to do that are here: Using SSH over the HTTPS port - GitHub Docs

Alright thanks. I have a raspberry where I‘m using ssh. But I want to make it public without portforwarding on my router, like with ngrok… Cause the url and the port changes after every restart, I found But it only supports http. So I want to use ssh over http and not tcp…

Oh, so you are after the weird tunneling stuff, not Git access! It’s possible in principle, but not exactly trivial. Most approaches I’ve read about build on using an HTTP proxy that allows proxy connections to the SSH server in some way or another.

Try searching for “tunnel SSH over HTTPS” online, and ignore results that are for the other way around, tunneling HTTP(S) through SSH. I’m not going to link specific sites because I haven’t done it myself.

Alright. Thank you very much

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