SSH-keys missing even I've been using for months


I’ve been using GitHub with SSH-key authentication for months. Today I created a new repository and a gotta message saying that I don’t have any SSH-key on my account.

I tried to create again, and it says that it’s already in use.

Please see the screenshots on the link.

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Please use the Markdown image embed next time to present the image, it looks like this:

![Alt text](url).

From what I can notice looks like the SSH key is already in the database but looks like its not being represented well in the UI. I’ve tried it myself but it looks like it works. Do you have any other accounts beyond the one you are using right now?

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Thanks for replying.

I tried at first to use the insert image using the editor, but it allows me to insert only one image. Not sure if the Markdown is the same, but I’ll try next time.

Hum, not sure if are other accounts, but I have another 3 different e-mail addresses.

Is there a way to check via command line the ssh-keys on GitHub (assuming that it’s only a problem with Web UI)?

It supports direct uploads as well just paste the image from your clipboard.

I don’t think there is a way to check via the GitHub CLI but it’s worth a shot. You should give GitHub Support a email as well if it’s something that is really breaking.

Hi, I tried and GitHub CLI does not allow me to check SSH keys.

Regarding send an e-mail to support, I could not find the e-mail address.