SSH Keys and Dependencies

Hey guys,

I’m one of the lucky few that were accepted into the Codespaces beta program and I’m quite excited about it.

Currently, I’m trying to work out how to manage my SSH keys (needed for example, to access private repositories inside the Codespace).

I noticed on the main Codespaces page, it mentions:

Automatically set up dependencies and SSH keys. Go from code to commit faster on any project.

But, neither in the docs nor in the settings of the Codespace, can I find any mention of SSH keys or settings for such. Nor is an SSH keypair even generated when the container is started.

I can think of a workaround, which would be to generate the key when the container starts and then adding it against my user, but there’s an issue with this – the container is destroyed after 30 minutes of inactivity, which means the next coding session I have, I will need to re-add a new keypair.

Am I missing something?