SSH keygen regens

I’m a new Github user and my question is about about the SSH key generations and how I would finally be able to complete this step in my account setup???

:wave: Welcome!

You might find our documentation helpful:

If you run into trouble at any point, feel free to ask questions!

These documents are clearly made for someone who already knows the answers.
I spent hours reading them months ago. I just read about 35 pages yet again.
I don’t really care how I need to access, as long as a phone app is not required.
This is a make it or leave github. Do you know how to replace a password? Please just answer the question. I have a worthless token from months ago. I just made an ssh key. Doesn’t work. Troubleshooting pages don’t help at all! They also don’t make any sense. Why?
My next step will be to use git and setup my own server for it. Shame that a big corporation has removed ease of use. Why?

We’re happy to help - could you tell us more about exactly what isn’t working for you? Where you’re seeing the error? Which error are you seeing? Are you trying to set up an SSH key or a PAT?

If you simply want to replace your password with a PAT in your local git setup, you will need to find out where you have stored your password and change it to the PAT. This will depend on your operating system and your own configuration choices.

This page has some information about where your credentials might be stored depending on your operating system.

Alternately of course, you can store it as you would any password, in a password manager.

Since this question involves credentials, you can give more information here if you want, but if you feel you would prefer to discuss in private, please open a ticket so we can help by email.