SSH key not being accepted

I created a new SSH key and added it to my GitHub account, but when I run

ssh-add -l

it says “The agent has no identities.” I did some Googling and saw some suggestions that maybe the permissions on .ssh or its contents are incorrect. I’m on Windows 10, and ls -la in my user directory showed that the permissions on .ssh are “drwxr-xr-x”. The permissions on id_rsa,, and known_hosts are “-rw-r–r--”. I tried using chmod to change .ssh to 700 and its contents to 600, but that evidently doesn’t work on Windows. How can I fix this problem?

Hi @spartanhooah,

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This sounds like something that you’ll need to reach out to our private support for ( ). We may need to look at your specific account details, and we can’t discuss those kinds of things in a public forum like this.

Go ahead and send private support an email via that link above and someone will help you ASAP.

Thanks so much. Cheers!

I ended up doing this last night since I hadn’t gotten any replies to this thread. Thanks for letting me know it was the right choice.

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