SSH key issue using GitHub repository & desktop client for pull/commit/push (GitHub Desktop) on MAC

After a number of years away from a GitHub type work environment I started to use RStudio for some data analysis and l am loving it. Recently I decided to start using GitHub again to store/share my code with folks that I’m working on things with. I saw some posts about desktop clients (GitHub Desktop, SourceTree) and decided to give it a go, having historically just used the Terminal. First couple days were soooo sweet, then one day I couldn’t commit anything ‘Permissions Error’, What!

Turns out Apple doesn’t seem to remember SSH keys between reboots, OMG!
**Fix here;** specifically I used what is noted as Method 1: Add all known keys to the SSH agent.

On my way there I got really familiar with various GitHub references;
Reasonably good reminder of Vi commands

I thought it might prove useful to capture here to save others from hours of searching and the brilliant pain of such a stupid issue taking so much time.

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