SSH auth with user & password?

Hi there,

I just installed a GIT server on my synology disk station and since GIT says GitHub Desktop is compatible i thought nice, let’s use that…
I added a empty repo and was able to successfully clone it with the GIT Bash:

$ git clone ssh://Administrator@<...>:/volume1/git/<...>
Cloning into '<...>'...
Administrator@<...>'s password:
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

Looks fine to me! (yes, it is empty)
No certificate stuff or such, simple user and password authentification.

Now i tried to add this repo exactly the same way in GitHub Desktop, receiving this error message (it did not ask me for my password!):

Then i discovered the SSH auth chapter in the docs, which massively confused me!
What’s all this certificate stuff? Can’t GitHub Desktop simply accept my server certificate (if any) and ask me for my password like GIT Bash did?
Can’t i simply add / clone a repo like i can with GIT Bash?

Does it need to be as complicated as described in the above linked documentation?
Setting up such SSH certificates on a synology DS isn’t that easy…

Client: GitHub Desktop v2.9.6 Win10 x64
Server: Synology DS115j with DSM 6.2.4-25556 U2 and GIT v2.33.0-0126

Looking forward for any opinions…
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Meanwhile i realized synology got 2 separate SSH services (maybe even 3 with SFTP), with that in mind adding the public key is not too complicated and seems to work now.
It has separate authentication systems implemented…

However nevertheless this is a off-topic info, back on topic the question is still unresolved.
Can (and if so how) GitHub Desktop login to a SSH repo with user & password authentication?

@Michel-0 thanks for the questions! Generally this isn’t something I would recommend since there are better solutions out there than just creating a bare repository on your server. I’d recommend looking into something like Gitea if you want to self-host, but I’ll do my best to help you get things working.

GitHub Desktop should work with your SSH repository if things are configured correctly on your server. Did you create a bare repository on the server? You should see a prompt to confirm the server’s public key when cloning from it for the first time in GitHub Desktop.

If you take a look at the log it should show some more error details – feel free to share those here if you would like for me to take a look. To access the log files go to the file menu in GitHub Desktop and select Help > Show Logs in Finder (macOS) or Explorer (Windows).

Hi @steveward and thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately you did not answer my actual question

You also didn’t seem to read my reply above telling

I did get it managed to set up a perfectly working SSH key based authentication.

But the question is how to set up a user / password based authentication not using keys.

Gitea is a GIT server service impementation? I’ve got a perfectly fine running GIT Server approved by Synology Inc. on my NAS.
I don’t see any reason why i should use another GIT server service then the one which is ment to be running on my hardware by its manufacturer.

Sorry if some of my questions seem strange or confusing, i’m quite new to the GIT server administration. Only used GitHub before…