SSH and Organizations

It appears that SSH is not available for organizations as there is no reference to it in the organization setting, It is available to my personal account. Am I correct in thinking that SSH is not available for organizations?

Can I ask what you’d hope to use SSH for in an organisation?

There are two ways of looking at authentication. One is to see if an individual has the authority to perform a certain operation. The other is to see if an individual may access a service and authorization to perform actions is handled differently. I have been reading a lot of documentation on GitHub and I have not found a clear statement on which policy is followed by GitHub but it appears to be the second. GitHub seems to authenticate an individual user and then use the fact that they are members of an organization to see whether they can commit to the organization. Am I correct in my assessment? I was following the first line of thinking which was why I expected organizations to authorize the use of SSH.

Yes, you’re correct. All credentialed access on GitHub is individual. This means there’s a traceable record of actions and contributions, all of which are attributable to an individual, even if they are acting within an organisation.

Were you looking for a solution for a specific use case?

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I was just trying to understand what the rules were.

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