Squash merges seem to be broken again

I only have “Allow squash merging” enabled in settings, and when I try to squash merge any PR, I’m getting “Merge attempt failed
The selected merge method (merge) is not allowed.”

I have to enable merges in the settings, then it merges, even though I clicked on squash.

Looks like the squash button acts like a merge button right now.

Repo: github.com/vlang/v


I have the exact same problem!

FYI, it’s still possible to squash and merge from GitHub’s iPhone app, for some reason, but not from github.com. :man_shrugging:

For reference, here’s the tweet I posted about that problem, with screenshots: https://twitter.com/adrienjoly/status/1327938661585989632

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The funniest thing is that another project member can squash merge them just fine, but not me (the owner).

Hi @medvednikov, and welcome @adrienjoly! We’ve seen a few reports come in about this and the engineering team are looking into what’s going on. In the mean time some people have found success and been able to merge their PRs by using the following steps:

  1. Try to squash and merge
  2. Confirm attempt to merge
  3. Merge fails with error message
  4. Select squash and merge from the merge option drop down
  5. Try merge again
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I’ll try that. Thank you, Thomas!

Looks like our engineers have managed to track down the issue here so you should be able to squash and merge as normal :tada:

Still doesn’t work for me :frowning: It got broken in the beginning of October and still broken. Github just creates a merge commit and keeps all the original commits as well.

This is really irritating, yesterday I spent a couple of hour trying to figure out what commits belong to the feature and what are already released.

This is how Squash & merge “works” for me now :frowning: