"Squash and Merge" as default Pull Request merge option

+1 for this feature, would be very useful.

+1 for it! it will totally help us

I find it pretty ridiculous that we can’t set and restrict specific merge strategies by branch in 2021. When the codebase is money, ensuring that the history is clean, and that there are validations to ensure that, should be a requirement for all businesses. We use squash & merge + auto-delete for feature branches, then standard merge commits to elevate those features up from develop. I shouldn’t have to rely on my devs (or myself) to select the correct strategy on every merge.


+1 to this feature. it would be a really great feature.

+1 for this feature!
It is more useful to set default merge strategy by branch.

+1 for being able to control this at a branch level

+1 this should really be an option

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+1 most of the time we use “merge squash” but rarely we need “merge commit”. Blocking it is not the way. Thanks

+1 for adding this feature. it would be good feature and help us. I want “enable auto-merge” option also.

+1 for this feature. We are using monorepo and “Squash and Merge” is our main option, but for some cases (merge from hotfix to main line) better to use “Merge commit”. So we need to have 2 these options enabled but Squash and Merge should be the default choice for each PR

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+1 This would be useful for teams who want to keep squash as the convention but still have the option of either rebase commits or merge commits.