Sporadic 502 errors graphql api


Nowadays we’re seeing a lot of 502 errors using the graphql for a query that was running ok before.

Exception Github https://api.github.com/graphql - 502 =>




   "message":"Something went wrong while executing your query. This may be the result of a timeout, or it could be a GitHub bug. Please include `0840:254B:B8EFD2:19B1EFF:5BE03AF1` when reporting this issue."]


Some help would be very appreciate.



We had been seeing these as well. We ended up just retrying on 5xx errors with an exponential backoff.

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Ok thanks  for the suggestion

Is anyone else still experiencing this? I was running queries smoothly yesterday but have seen a lot more 502 errors today. I’ve implemented retries on the 502 errors, which has largely solved the issue, but just curious if how widespread this is/if anyone has any info.

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