Sponsors Payout

Well, i got approved at 25 May for github sponsors, i got sponsored two days after, at my stripe dashboard it says estimated payout at 22 June, at my sponsors confirmation from github, they say “ Your first payout will be on September 22nd. After that you will be paid on the 22nd of each month!”, any clue on how this works and when exactly i will get paid?

Welcome @pitchgabriel - I agree that is confusing so I’m reaching out to our Sponsors team to get you some clarity. Hang tight - I’ll post back here once we’ve cleared this up :+1:t3:

Hi there :wave:t3:

It looks like you reached out to Support, but to close the loop and for anyone else curious about this:
Maintainers are placed on a three month payout probation for their first payout to ensure there are no fraudulent activities happening. The maintainer can continue being sponsored :money_with_wings: during this time. It’s only their balance :moneybag: being held until the probation period is over.

You should now be seeing the September date on your Sponsors dashboard with the amount.