Specify custom directory for the index.html

I am trying to use github pages as a place to have my documentation for a project.
When I generate my dokka documentation, this is how it is generated:
Unfortunately this means my index.html isn’t in the default /docs directory.

As seen in that image, you can only currently select the /(root) option or /docs, but I would need to be able to select /docs/jdautils to find the index.html correctly.

Am I missing something?

Hello @Jaimss,

Unfortunately there are currently only three options for building your GitHub pages:

  • master branch
  • docs folder
  • gh-pages branch

See Publishing sources for GitHub Pages sites for more info.

I’m assuming you’re unable to move/build the index.html into the root of the docs folder? As that is where it would need to be for the page to display. Otherwise, it’d only be accessible from <user>.github.io/<repo>/jdautils/dev.jaims.jdautils/, judging by the structure.