Specify base folder for absolute Markdown links?


I’ve got a repo with a docs folder, and I’d like for absolute markdown links in that folder to be relative to the docs folder instead of the base of the repo.

Is this possible?

The reason I am wondering is, I serve the docs folder with a server that reads markdown files instead of HTML files, and the root of the site is the docs folder.

For example, I have stuff like a linkwhere /foo.md is relative to the docs folder, not the repo root. But when I click on these links in GitHub, GitHub tries to find the file relative to the repo root instead of the docs folder.

I’m aiming to allow for these markdown docs to be navigable both on GitHub, and on the nice-looking stylized website.

Another option is maybe I can hack the static server tool, and tell it what the base folder is, so that I can write paths relative to repo root, and the server can account for that when serving the files.

Thanks for reaching out.

You are correct, this is not currently possible. Your best bet at this point is probably to make a change to the static server tool.

Let us know if you have more questions.