Source code archive file name: Why only version number?

Why does the source archive file name for a repo release only contain the tag name?

Using: wget/curl

My “Downloads” folder is full of “”, “”, “”, etc. files that I have no idea what software they were for. Wouldn’t it make things cleaner and less ambiguous if the repo was part of the name?

I tried to tag one of my own releases as “myproj_1.0.2”, which worked great for providing a source zip name of “”, but it created a horrible root directory name of “myproj-myproj_1.0.2/”. SIGH

I really think this is something they could change easily enough, with little detriment. Or am I missing something?

Hey there :wave:

Came across this and just wanted to point out that I believe you’re suggesting that by default you would like for all repository tags be applied with a prefix of the repo name? Currently, release tag name schemes are up to the maintainer of any given repository.

If you’re hoping to submit this as a feature request, I would suggest submitting this via our form, here: