Soundbook. My idea for a platform/forum/social network for musicians to share links to their work

Hi smart people,

I know nothing about computers but I have a cool idea for a much needed website and I need help turning my idea into reality.

I’m a musician and like millions of musicians I post my music online on sites like soundcloud. While it’s an amazing platform for hosting your audio a problem I have with it is there’s no good place to share links to your work.

I post in soundcloud threads on 4chan and they’re a good way of sharing your music. So what I wanted to do was create a site or forum or platform of some kind that let people post their links in a shared environment like a forum.

I already have the layout designed I just need help turning my idea into a reality and someone recommended me this site. I need someone to help develop my idea and make it a reality.

I already have a lot of the design mapped out and have pictures of how the site should look I just know nothing about coding or developing.

Am I in the right place? If not where should I go?

Thank you.