Sound files pushed are corrupted on my repo on github

Recently I commited some sound files to a repo that I work on, and pushed to github.  Locally the original sound files sound fine, but when I downloaded those files from the github repo I pushed to, they are corrupted.  A couple of the files skip, one of the files has a lot of static, and the other two files have problems playing at all.  I used vlc to playback these sound files.  Again, on my local repo (without pulling/cloning from github), those sounds play without any of those issues.  Here are the specific sound files on github:

How can I fix this?  Is this a problem with git, or github, or both?


I have the same problem. Locally the audio file is fine. After push to github, the files are corrupted. I tried with .mp4 and .ogg. Both formats break after push. The wave files seem to be fine though.

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So, I did some research and found that the .gitattributes file was the problem. I had to add the following lines:

*.mp3 binary
*.ogg binary