Sort pull requests by `mergedAt` property (graphql, v4 API)

In the following I’m getting 10 merged pull requests sorted by when they were last updated. 

query getPulLRequestBySearchQuery {
  search(query: "repo:elastic/kibana type:pr is:merged sort:updated-desc", type: ISSUE, first: 10) {
    nodes {
      ... on PullRequest {

I’d like to get the 10 most recently merged pull requests. Is this possible? 

I asked the same question some time ago: GraphQL - Get merged PullRequests in mergedAt order 

Unfortunetely no answer was given.

What a I do for now as a workaround is calling

git log

on the command line, and parsing that output, which is in the mergedAt order.

sort works for me!

search(query: "repo:myrepo is:pr is:merged sort:created-desc", type: ISSUE, last: 10)

ps: GHE

I would really appreciate this feature as well. It is very useful to automate the creation of CHANGELOG files.