Sort List of Github Repositories

I am new to GitHub API, not sure if it’s the best solution either.

But suppose I have a list of Repositories in which I want to commit in the future or have committed already as a .md file, can be a .txt file also if it suits the purpose.


| Serial Number  | Name |
| ------------- | ------------- |
| 1  | [Badges](  |
| 2  | [Tensorflow](  |

Now let’s say, I contributed once in TF.
I want to sort the .md file or .txt according to the number of contributions.

Of course, the list might contain REPO in which I haven’t contributed at all like Badges here.

Lastly, can someone suggest how to automate this, I think GitHub Action is the best course possible.

Explanation - The .md file or .txt file (which is more suitable as pointed out in comments) will contain a list of repositories, I want to contribute to in the future. I want my script, to automatically sort the list, according to the number of contributions I make to keep a track of them.