"Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?", trying to view any pdf

I’m getting this message:

  1. for the first time in years of using github,
  2. using two different browsers, Firefox and Chromium,
  3. on a Linux platform,
  4. I cannot open a pdf I uploaded (718KB),
  5. and neither with other people’s account,
  6. for example, this one (966 KB),  this one, or this one.
  7. no such problem with gitlab, for example this one.

Some leads to troubleshoot would be helpful.


I turns out after trying a few more times, the problem is

  1. Systematic with file in my repo
  2. Not systematic with files from other people’s repos, such as this one.

Screenshot from 2020-05-16 18-03-36.png Screenshot from 2020-05-16 18-03-22.png

Turns out problem was temporary.