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Hi, I am new to github.
If I try to create a new repository ( at ) - I get immediately the error message “Something went wrong” with the beginning of typing a name in the Repository name field.
I have tested already Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (x86_64), Firefox 84.0.1 (64-bit) and Safari Version 14.0.1 (14610. on MAC Mojave 10.14.6 - all browsers show the same.

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Are you still experiencing this error?

Yes, I have also tested it with Opera Browser Version:73.0.3856.284 and on my iPad “on the ipad with chrome app it is working?”.

what name are you trying to give the repository?

It appears immediately with the first character - no matter what!

I can’t imagine you have extensions on all those browsers, but in case you do - have you tried it in a private browsing or incognito window?

(apologies if you don’t get anymore replies today but I’ll check in again tomorrow)

Yes, I have deactivated the extensions and I have tried private/incognito window browsing.
No difference!
The Opera browser has no extensions installed - also Safari.

I’ve had a look around - other people having this problem (which appears to be rare enough) seem to have some custom settings they did at some point in time, often relating to browser privacy/tracking concerns. If you’re seeing the error when you start typing the repository name, then the error has to do with something blocking the repository name field validation.

I’d say

  1. Make sure javascript is turned on
  2. Return any extra-private privacy settings to their defaults

And if neither of those things work, I’d recommend a full uninstall/fresh install of your browsers.

I’m sorry I can’t help any further here, but this doesn’t seem to be happening on our end, so my powers are limited :slight_smile:

Hi canukjacq, thank you very much for your help - I will keep you informed about any progress. Best Regards, Dirk

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