"Something went really wrong, and we can’t process that file."

Hey everyone. I’m new to GitHub and I’m trying to upload an html game in a private repository. It’s an RPG maker game (being played on the browser with EasyRPG,) so it’s naturally pretty heavy on files, and there’s no way to reduce the size. I’m uploading the files and all of a sudden I get a message that says “Something went really wrong, and we can’t process that file.” Is there any way to fix this?

Okay, I’ve narrowed down the files that are causing the problem. They’re the same file extension as the rest of the files in the folder. I might be able to try to get the game to run without them, but I’m worried the error will come back when I try to add a more important file.

It’s hard to comment without knowing more about your files and how you’re trying to upload them, but since you mentioned “no way to reduce the size”: Github has limitations on file and push sizes.

The images I’m having trouble with are png files. I don’t believe the images are too large. I managed to get a few images in there using an image compressor, but there are at least three files that won’t transfer over.

I’ve heard things about using another web browser. I’ve been using google chrome, and the same thing happened when I tried to do it with firefox. It doesn’t work with Microsoft Edge either.

Did you managed to upload by anyway, please?