Someone please Review my PR

It’s showing…

It looks like you changed your theme, but for this activity we want to use minima.

keyboard Activity: Change the theme to minima

Let’s change the theme to minima:

  1. At the top of this Pull Request, click the  Files changed  tab
  2. Click the  pencil2 icon to enter edit mode and change the theme: to  minima
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window to create a commit
  4. Enter a commit message then click  Commit changes

Don’t worry, if you don’t like this theme you can always change it later.

If you would like assistance troubleshooting the issue you are encountering, create a post on the GitHub Community board. You might also want to search for your issue to see if other people have resolved it in the past.

Review required
At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access. 

Merging is blockedMerging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review.

LINK is here

Thank you.

Hi @soumanpaul! I’ve left a comment in your pull request. It looks like you’re doing everything right, and you’re ready to do the next step. 

Hi I have exactly the same problem, can you help me