Someone knows of a good resource to learn Java and PHP??

Hi everyone.

Exactly as the title of the thread states, I’m looking for some good (and preferably free) resources to start learning both PHP and Java.

It could be YouTube channels, forums, online courses or whatever, but I’m looking for something that is straightforward and easy to understand as a begginer.

What are your suggestions?  :slight_smile: :eyes:


I’ve personally found Tutorialspoint to be a good resource to learn not only  Java  and  PHP , but also many other technologies, libraries, and frameworks!  Tutorialspoint also includes tutorials and documentations.

Hope you find it to be a useful site in helping learn what you want!


I can only suggest a service to learn any language:

This is very smart and very good working way: idea is simple when you reading blog posts or videos or noting down programming-related things you should Note them down✒. Noting and structuring knowledge makes you learn things much better, but this is not all:

By hash-tagging programming languages on your hints, they will be visible to other interested people, which will ask a questions, or argue and it all will improve your knowledge.
Sharing new knowledge improves learning quality, speed and knowledge level dramatically :muscle: