Somebody please

I have tried metasploit, msfvenom, ghost framework, evil droid, ngrok, apache2 …i have not had ANY SUCCESS. i am losing my mind there is always one small detail that fails. This is for my new business that i am starting. I am starting to think all these app are fake? PLEASE can anyone help me 1 on 1 i am not an idiot. Ill sit and listen and do what you say. If you have ever been in my shoes… damn man this is soo frustrating to fail over and over again. please reach out to me my email is (edited by moderator).

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I’m in a similar situation.
But if you write, what exact is you difficulty, there are much more possibilities to help you.
Guessing I’ll think, that you trying to make a Webpage working.


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I provide my employees with cell phones. I need to update the apps and moniter them remotely.

1 apache server not accessable. ive seen 1000 tutorials none work

2 evil droid cannot verify signed whatever

3 i cannot get any payload to any device

if i can send the apk in email why do i need a server?

JUST ONE APP thats all im asking a walkthrough for any of the ones ive mentioned i woud greatly appreciate it]

wau, fast replay.
Which apps do you need to update?
Are that own (payed) apps?
Don’t they update without intervention?

For monitoring there are special apps, but you’ll have to have the “ok” from your employees. Without it, it is illegal.

A general advice is to use proper thread titles to increase your chance to get help.

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thank you zero task can you offer advice to my question?

Than I don’t understand, where’s the difficulty.

do you have a spare moment to walk me through metasploit?

If you describe your specific errors, I could eventually help you. Calling those programs fake because you have no knowledge about the usage is not a good start though.

If you are interested in such programs, I can recommend you TryHackMe. This is a learning platform for penetration testing and cyber security.

i would love to give you specific details thank you for offering to help. Metasploit: i can create the payload… but apache server is not accessable or available to send said payload.