Some problems of the new UI

So, at first: if you add an option to opt-out of the new UI, everyone will be happy.
It isn’t hard to make.
Basically just host two separate css files and add an option to choose, and a few smaller adjustments.
And as I promised, here are some problems of this… “UI”.

  • Most important: no click-feedback and barely visible hover-feedback (or how do you call that animation that changes something on mouse-hover)!

  • The main thing, the name of the folders/files is at the edge of the screen. Usual mistake. Uncomfortable on large screens, and very uncomfortable on a dual- or triple-monitor setup. I think that a lost of programmers have multiple monitors, so it affects a large portion of the user base.

  • H U G E margins/borders, a lot of space is unused… BUT WHY? It only looks good on huge displays, if you watch them from several meters. But I guess that 98% of the users doesn’t browse Github on a TV or projector.

  • Unused spaces again. Because this way I can waste more space on your monitor… And it seems like that Github UI designers like that.

  • [more wasted space]

  • No button borders. Personally I hate this design, but if the buttons weren’t so small, it would be just “smaller” issue.


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