Some problem for Google SEO


Two weeks ago, I opened a site, which has good contents for google seo. it is using some seo tools such as yoast SEO tool and SEOptimer.

And I made some backlinks for my site, but after analysis of MOZ tool, our backlinks don’t display in its result.

So, my ranking in google by my keywords is very low. 

What is the solution about this?

Please tell me!

Hi bluepine810!

That’s a great question. Are you sure that the websites that you created the backlinks on have been crawled by Google afterwards? If not you will have to contact the domain owner to get that person to recrawl the site. 

Hope that helps!

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Jens Jensen 

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There are many sites and pages on the queue for crawling.

Google has slowly crawled since last month, so I think your site is not crawled and Google will not bring your link to the server. Update the sitemap first and add it to Google Search Console and your problem has been resolved within 10 days.

Don’t worry it’s happened when we not correctly submitted our website in google console so go there and rend and fetch your site and inspect it.

Hope you get good result after that.


Abdul Razzaq SEO Consultant 

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Make sure your backlink get index or not. if that indexed and you still facing same issue then kindly message me at seo services in lahore. I will help out you if I can.

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Although its too late to reply. By this time Crawler have surely done its work.

I guess you have already found the solution to your problem, however i was wondering if just restarting the whole seo system might work?

As a friend of mine also had this problem an he didn’t know what to do so he called for a seo services company to try and make something out of it, and only 10 minutes of work his traffic increased dramatically once again. Even more he got increase site sales with online traffic. We were more than just surprised to be honest, didn’t know how to react to such a great change.