Some Learning Lab YouTube videos are marked as private/un-viewable

I’ve just started the First Day on GitHub training and going through the Introduction to GitHub first step. The exercise creates a GitHub Slideshow repo in my account and I’m directed to the Issues page. When I click some of the video links in the page content though the YouTube page says “Private video” and “Sign in if you’ve been granted access to this video”.

Specifically on this page:

In the section “Exploring a GitHub repository”, after expanding the section, there’s a link “Video: Exploring a repository”

Same in the section “Using GitHub Issues” for the link “Video: Using issues”.

And in the section “Managing notifications” link for “Video: Watching, notifications, stars, and explore”.

Even if I sign into Google using Chrome, YouTube displays the text “Video unavailable” and “This video is private.”

Perhaps GitHub needs to update the permissions in YouTube on some of the Learning Lab training videos?

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Yeah, same experience here

yeah, same I just started it and I am facing this issue. Except for the first video link, what is github, the rest are currently on private mode.

A bug has been created for this: Outdated videos

These are working for me now. My understanding is a YouTube privacy policy change caught a few videos that needed settings changed.

Complete list of training videos I previously couldn’t access but can now:

Exploring a repository

Using GitHub Issues

(I’m only allowed to include 2 links in a post so these links are included as code snippets)

Watching, notifications, stars, and explore

Using Branches

Understanding the GitHub flow

Introduction to pull requests