Some Images Not Loading

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In the images you are using that will not load, you are defining them as _ /assets/imagetoload.png  instead of  assets/imagetoload.png _. I tested this out and it did fix the issue. Here’s an example:

Use this:

<img src="assets/blueprint.svg">

Instead of:

<img src="/assets/blueprint.svg">

Hope this fixes your issue!

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This is the one line of images that are not loading. As you can see, I’ve tried both ways of loading the images in and it’s still not working…

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They’re being loaded incorrectly again in this image. Testing it out myself, you’re using _ behance-Logo.png  instead of the correct  behance-logo.png , as well as _ Github-Logo.png _ instead of the correct  GitHub-Logo.png _. Please make sure to check the case-sensitivity of your asset files!

Hope this helps!

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