Some GPL SPDX IDs are deprecated

Api should return gpl-3.0-only or gpl-3.0-or-later instead of gpl-3.0
More info at

If you’re talking about how GitHub detects project licenses, this issue was opened on the licensee/licensee project (the tool we use to detect how a project is licensed):

It explains why currently we don’t detect gpl-3.0-only or gpl-3.0-or-later.

Is that what you were asking about? Or are you wanting to discuss something different?

hmm… No, I want to say repository.license.spdx_id in the api should replace gpl-3.0 and gpl-3.0+ with gpl-3.0-only and gpl-3.0-or-later, since they are deprecated as spdx version 3.

Mistakes in distinguish gpl-3.0 from gpl-3.0+ is another problem.

The API relies on information in our database. The information in our database is generated by the licensee tool. So licensee not being able to distinguish is the cause of the information in our database not being what you want.

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