Some build artifacts failed to upload to Github

I am encountering some upload errors when deploying to Github. Apparently some artifacts were uploaded but the others failed with the status code of 400. How do I check what is causing this?

[WARNING] Failed to upload checksum com/ibasco/ucgdisplay/ucg-display/1.5.0-alpha-SNAPSHOT/ucg-display-1.5.0-alpha-20191114.130158-1.pom.md5: Failed to transfer file***/ucgdisplay/com/ibasco/ucgdisplay/ucg-display/1.5.0-alpha-SNAPSHOT/ucg-display-1.5.0-alpha-20191114.130158-1.pom.md5 with status code 400


Hi ribasco,

Thanks for your feedback!

I can repro your issue on my end. Please remove ‘SNAPSHOT’ in your pom.xml to fix the issue.

Change ‘1.5.0-alpha-SNAPSHOT’ to ‘1.5.0-alpha’.

Please refer to the link for more info, thanks.