Some basic issues on my way to use git and github for the first time

Hi all,

I created a private repository on GitHub and uploaded some files into that using the Upload Files button on it. I also have installed git bash version on my Windows 10.

What I want now is that to be able to get my local project connected with the one on Github and from now on use git for exchanging files betwen the two. 

What steps should I take, for these two purposes, please? 


Before to everything you have to know that git is a open source software and GitHub is a platform. 

So, that means you can use git in your local. Maybe it should be good that you understand how to use and implement git, this is an illustration about the git areas, a basic concept. 

If you see, you have a local repository, this content all you version control history, the other git area is the remote repositories.

You can create a git repository in your local, and then, connect it a remote repository. What are the remote repositories? They are provide by platforms as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, etc… Or you can create a repository in some of this platforms, and then copy in your local. 

You can find more about it in the Pro Git book:

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