Some advice to start on AI career?

hi guys, im an year 1 student, ive been learning oop and data structure and im pretty confident with my skills, i just wanna ask you guys if there’s anything i can learn to prepare for AI or Machine learning career ? im a newbie so i really need a career orientation. Thanks alot !

Hi @ImNamzz and welcome! While I don’t have any advice for you right now regarding your future career, I would recommend talking to your dean/teacher about these things since you mentioned you’re still enrolled in school. They know you best and often can offer solid advice.

Also, don’t forget to play around and experiment a lot. Think about a personal side-project you’d like to make and see how far you get.

i’ll try my best thanks alot!

I am a computer and robotics teacher (for 8 years) in Junior High and Senior High,

what I am teaching them is the core of robotics that through coding, you can make an intelligent device that can “somehow” decide on its own

the Artificial Intelligence field and Machine Learning is becoming very wide nowadays but don’t worry you can focus on one later in your career but the most important now is the core of your learning, if you have the fundamentals, then whatever innovation or transition will happen, you can still adapt,

talking about Robotics or AI career, Tesla is now claiming to be the biggest of all robotics companies and I agree with that with all the innovations they are doing even with cars and the new humanoid development plus the Neuralink, so you can pursue that, even me, I will not always be a teacher, to try things out other than teaching,

but again as long as you know the fundamentals, you can easily adapt to changes, the core of coding is really that significant particularly controlling the hardware just like in Arduino

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Hi @ImNamzz, It’s really nice to hear that you’re interested in AI. I don’t have much to give you right now. But I can recommend you this neuralnetworksanddeeplearning online book. You can learn how to make a simple neural network to recognize hand written digits with this book. It’s kind a like the hello world of neural networking.
Note: before diving into neural networks and deep learning it would be great to polish up your knowledge about matrices, vectors and their operations.

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