[Solved] Troobleshooting with insights

I have a project where i have some friends with me, the thing is to have access to multiple levels of access, i had to create an organisation. I don’t know if its correlated but when i want to see on the “Insights” section to see the comits, i cannot access to network.
I only have access to Dependecy graph and Fork… Anyone can help me ?


By the way, i just saw, i can’t create a new branch.

That means you don’t have full privileges for the repository or within the org, so there’s something wrong. You might need to check the org settings and where your account fits in it.

I don’t know if this is the reason why you’re not seeing the Commits menu entry, but it should be there. I also belong to an org, but that menu is visible under the repository Insigths.

The thing is i created the org and the repo, so i guess i have full privileges.

Privileges on the repo :

privileges on the org :

I just solved a problem, now i can create a branch, but the main problem is still there.

Problem solved :
The repository must be in public or i have to upgrade git to github teams

You mean that the “Commits” submenu in “Insights” is not visible at all, even to the repository maintainers?