[SOLVED] IdentityFile entry for non-default public key name in MacOS/OSX ssh config file

  • I have a private account under the name irontribe. I am logged out of it on GitHub.

  • I have a free account under the name tomcam.  I am logged into that one.

  • I am trying to set up a GitHub pages project at https://github.com/tomcam/tomcam.github.io

  • I created a public key named tomcam (thus producing tomcam and tomcam.pub), added the key to my GitHub account for tomcam, then updated ~/.ssh/config as follows. 

    Host *
    AddKeysToAgent yes
    UseKeychain yes
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/tomcam

I am logged in as tomcam. When I do a git push -u origin master  I’m getting this message:

remote: Permission to tomcam/tomcam.github.io.git denied to irontribe.
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/tomcam/tomcam.github.io/': The requested URL returned error: 403

 Is the IdentityFile entry correct since I’m not using a default public key filename? (I tried id_rsa anyway and got the same result.)

Or am I doing something else wrong? 

Answer, I think

I think this may have been because I omitted a git commit. Seems nonsensical, but I’ll take what I can get at this hour!

Hi @tomcam So glad to see you were able to find a solution to this!

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Thanks, Nadia Joyce. I didn’t know about that feature. Really good support on this forum, thank you.

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