SOLVED - How do I add gpg keys from Windows 10 and WSL


I have been trying to add a GPG key created on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) platform.  I have created keys as per these instructions with both GPGv1 and GPGv2.  They keys are created perfectly fine but I cant add them to GitHub.  When I try to add a new GPG key as instructed in this help article I keep getting an error informing me that there was an “error doing that” and when the page reloads after save, they key hasnt been added.

I have a working GPG key that I added from my Mac but thats obviously just for use on that machine.  However, I also use WSL, Windows 10 and Debian 8 server.  I need to be able to use my GPG signature on all systems.

Can anyone offer any help.  How do I add GPG keys from WSL and Windows 10?



One thought crossed my mind.  Can I use the same email address on multiple GPG keys?  Come to think of it, maybe not.  I will try changing the email and doing it again.

This has not been solved.  It had to do with the way Win10 pastes stuff.  To fix this I had to use pastebin, paste into their then correct the formatting - copy as plain text and then paste as plain text into the field in Github settings for adding a new GPG key.

I have the same problem. do you resolve it?