(Solved) How can I prevent a VS Project folder from appearing in my respository


How can I stop Visual Studio from creating a project folder that gets submitted into my respository? 

For example this is what my repo looks like with the folder that VS creates for the project. 

This is what most normal repos look like on GitHub 


I think I may have found the answer.

@midimancoder That’s great!  Would you mind sharing your solution here to benefit others who have the same problem?


When I looked at other people repos I started to think that most of them were all the same. 

For example : 

Most structures appear to be :


But there are some that are : 


The latter looks cleaner because it’s just a set of source files displayed in the root without an extra containing folder.  

Maybe it doesn’t matter. 


I had this problem. Eventually I realized that what was happening is that the directory above was being pushed. My mistake was that I didn’t initiate git in the actuall project.

If this was your mistake it’s important to fix as your pushing from the wrong place…