[Solved] Can't delete a branch: no garbage can when scrolling to that branch

I am trying to delete a branch from GitHub - ZjYwMj/lxterminal: VTE terminal emulator written in GTK. I have followed Creating and deleting branches within your repository - GitHub Docs. It says I should see a garbage can when I am scrolling to the branch I want to delete. But I do not see such a garbage can. I am logged in. What am I doing wrong?

Turns out I haven’t noticed Branches · ZjYwMj/lxterminal · GitHub. The garbage can is there. I was confused by the master button, to switch branches or tags. Here, it is to the left of the branches URL. They both have an identical figure. Depending on the size of the display fonts, the branches URL is not always displayed. Or maybe it is sometimes somewhere else, not the right of the master button.
[GitHub] How to Delete a Branch on GitHub | Learn Version Control with Git helped me figure that out.