Software to operting system

I create a window software by visual studio. Now i want to change it to an operting system for my raspberry pi.

Is that easy way to do that.

I want to run only one software to my rasberry pi and i dont want to install any oprating system for it.

¿Operting or operating system?

Research the Windows 10 IOT Core. This is the simplest way to get a Windows program running on a Raspberry Pi as an IOT device.

You can’t run your program and only your program on a Raspberry Pi - it requires some sort of “operating system” to provide device drivers to access storage, display, and so on. Other devices, such as Arduino, are “lower level” and can run software “directly”.

If you are writing a program with a GUI, you will need an operating system. Win10 IOT, Arduino don’t provide display access.