Social network creation

I would like there to be a social network where people put their needs and resources in fact I think every person has both needs and resources.
Then the person in the social network could try to satisfy their needs through the resources of other people and vice versa.
If a person is alone, he could look for company and vice versa. If a person is hungry, he may look for someone who feeds her.
If a person is sick, he may be looking for someone to assist him and vice-versa whoever is well might look for a person to be assisted. All as volunteers or through a virtual currency.
It can be done ?
I was thinking, for example, of a Facebook application or a web application in php or java. Would anyone be willing to make it happen?
I have experience as a Java Swing developer but I can learn.
Thank you

I’d say: start by writing your first code for it in a public repository! People here can assist you along the way and I bet you can attract some contributors!


I created a prototype desktop program in Java Swing to manage people’s needs and resources, which you can find here:

but to do a web application I should first study.
What should I study between Java web applications, php or Facebook?
Could someone create the repository himself if he can make a web application?
Thank you