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I found this website. But not because I was looking someone is actually putting open source software on my device. I’m not knowledgeable in any coding but I’m a quick study. I just need some help getting some understanding. Like for example how someone for example would be able to use some of this cool software to maliciously damage devices. If anyone has time or wants to help please drop me a line back.

Secondly now that I’ve seen some coding I’m thinking of learning myself. I am literally completely a newbie. If you mention python to me I think of a poisonous snake. Sorry for the bad joke haha

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Thank you sorry I have never done the whole forum thing. Will I still get a notification if I get a reply. And is it normal for people to come on here who have no idea what is going on but have lots of ideas lol

Hi @danwilliams1989,

You will still get a notification when you get a reply. As for your other question, we want this forum to be a place where all community members of all differing skill levels can come to learn and grow together from absolute beginners to coding masters. It may not work for everyone but I’m glad that you’re joining us to give it a try. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter if it’s open source or not - if someone is putting software on your device without your consent you should immediately take action and secure your device. Are you using a smartphone/tablet or a laptop/desktop?

Also, learning software is quite fun. Python ( is indeed a good language to get started with, altough I use Go ( right now for most of my projects.

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Well it’s more than one thing it started with my s8. I have had to pay out £50 on that to make insurance claim. I had to pay £80 to repair my laptop and they did it again. They’ve done it to my smart tv. Android box. Htc. My PS4. My other laptop. My new iPhone. My Motorola tablet. What they are doing is flashing the kernel and reversing the software and changing the code. But not only that when I rooted my Motorola I found an IPSec VPN set up and when I do a port scan on my hub it’s got all sorts of ports open. They are using their software to monitor my activities. I know this as these people live next door to me. And they are so mindless that I can hear them brag about it (walls are thin where I live). I have a mental illness severe and was close to being hospitalised yet wouldn’t stop and they have used all this technology to terrorise me. I sat with my friend and we pretended to text and We could both hear them comment about the texts word for word. I don’t know what to do to fix the issue. That’s all I can think of at the top of my head. So I’ve bought myself some books to learn more about it and I have but I would appreciate more help. If I don’t get them one day someone will. They use Linux and unbuntu and something called kali linux. I was without a tv whilst ill for over a month. Just last night they added a user to my laptop mcx1 and a partition so that’s more money. I’m started to get so frustrated but I have to try and get on with it. But I would love to get some concrete evidence or some advice to at least fix my PS4 I can’t play it properly they’ve set up some WebKit or something on it and they keep deleting my saved games so went to save it to usb and they stopped the usb from working this is whilst my internet is switched off. They are the kind of people who don’t go anywhere and don’t have anything better to do with their lives than cause problems for other people. Anyone who has come here has had their things altered. I have a 16 year old cousin who is now experiencing problems remotely from where she lives so I believe they are creating their own malware and using the vpn to determine the ip and terrorising her 16 year old girl. She’s to scared to pick up her phone these people are in there 50s and their kids are my age or not far off they are disgusting. Rant over lol. But I would love some help if you have any advice.

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Hi @danwilliams1989

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