So my site looks different on github pages than on my local host

I have no idea why. The styling is different and my javascript wont work now either. Here’s the link to the repo

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Hello @CurtisKil, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

It appears to be a mixed-content error. Since GitHub Pages are served over HTTPS, you have to make sure that when requesting external resources they’re also served over HTTPS.


In your index.html file change the http in to https and you should be good to go!

For future reference, you can also troubleshoot issues like this by opening the browser’s developer tools (F12, CTRL+SHIFT+I, or Right Click > Inspect) and check the console tab for possible errors.


Hi Seth! So that fixed the JS problem, but the CSS on Github Pages is still different from my localhost. What about that?

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I just figured it out. It’s because my screen is zoomed in on my localhost :joy:.