So many changes...

Hello. I have a strange problem.

I am using GitHub Extension for Visual Studio. After i clone master branch at the “Changes”  option in VS i see over 25 thousands changes. I guess those are the changes since the beginning of the project?

My version is identical as the repo. Am i supposed to see 0 changes? My question is: How i can clear those changes to show 0 without affecting the history in GitHub ( to clear just localy on my computer)

Thanks in advance!

That’s really weird…

Try checking the current status of the repo:

git status

If it shows the changes, then you may want to remove them.

To remove all local changes, you can use:

git clean -xdf

After i do the command :

git clean -xdf

 My changes are cleared it shows 0, but its just untill i restart Visual Studio and its showing 23 000 changes again … :frowning:

Maybe i am missing some finishing command? 

It might have something to do with permissions. For example, Atom (the text editor) also displays file permission changes as changes. Try to check if there is somewhere where the permissions of files may change.

This is true…is safe zoo bot a part of this?