So I lost access

My name is John, and recently I have lost access to this newly created GitHub account. It was all in a KeePass encrypted volume with a keyfile, that has sadly been corrupted. I have been able to restore all my other accounts (GitLab, Atlassian, Docker, etc.,), but unable to retrieve my GitHub account. I lack both the password and two-factor recovery codes. I am however logged on, located on the same device and IP, and have control of the email. Is there anything that can be done?
All help is appreciated,
John :)

I will also add, I have made tickets, however I have received no response in about a day. :(

It’s not something I needed to do, but looking at the documentation the “Verify with this device” option might work. As a caution though, a changed IP address seems to count as a “new” device for browser login without 2FA, I’m not sure what the requirements for this verification are.