SNAPSHOT versions no longer updating

I have a gradle project (see GitHub - jamesdh/gorm-graphql: An automatic GraphQL schema generator for GORM) for which I’m trying to publish it’s generated artifacts to the Github Package repo. When I last ran the gradle publish task almost a month ago it published fine. However, now when running the same task it appears to run fine (both from GitHub Actions and locally via command line) but the snapshot located in the GitHub Packages repo never updates.

I could swear this was working just fine for me before. Did snapshot support break again? I know it was only added ~ last April.

I can confirm that when changing the version number (despite the fact it still ends in -SNAPSHOT) that it does upload and appears in the package repo correctly. But then when making a change to a source file and attempting to republish under the same SNAPSHOT version, the change is again not reflected in the package repo.

Having the same problem here. Trying to publish a 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT artifact with Gradle. No error on the publishing side, but there’s no trace of the most recent artifact on GitHub. How do I solve this please?