Slow speed when jogging

Hi, New here to UGS. I am using the latest build of UGS Platform (Nightly) on an X-Carve machine. The software connects to the machine with no issues and I have been able to home and jog the machine with no issues. My problem is, when I select a jog button, the machine begins moving at a snails pace no matter what step selection I choose (1, 10, 50 etc.). I cannot seem to get the stepper motors to move faster. Upon replying, please keep it simple, as I know very little about G-Code and software modification. Thank you

Hey AB,

I stopped by here to see if I could find some help for a problem I’m having and saw your post.

Don’t know if it’ll help you, but I had the same problem.  I eventually jacked up the speed to 500 before I hit a number that seemed close to what I had before 2.0.

Hope this helped.