Site not published correctly for days

I have a site at that shows 404 when i try to visit it through

I know the github site is taked for few days to published in my experience, but this proejct seems to be too long to process, so I ask here for some help to check If I made a mistake or not.


Just to confirm: in Settings > Options > Github pages, under Source is your github page currently being built from the master branch?

User pages must be built from the master branch.

The branch has only one commit (init) and branch (master), so I think It’s correct?

Ok, It’s a rare case, I report this issue for github, and the response I got was “Use admin permission to upload the first init”.

So If anyone who push first commit with Write access(co-contributor), you would ask your admin(use admin account) to push the first commit, or commit after first commit with Admin permission.

can u tell me how to do that?