Site not got going up but says it is

I’m trying to create a website to advertise my Uber Eats code with google ad words that I saw from this website.

and used this tutorial.

But when creating it, it seems like it never published even though it says it did tbh I don’t really know the problem. My guess is it has something to do with the GitHub enforce HTTPS option, but I don’t have much to back it up. When I go to my domain I get a Cloudflare 522 error. Here are all my settings. NameCheap name servers have been changed to Cloudflare’s provided ones.


Official Website link(Currently had 522 Error):

Github Pages Setting(won’t let me click Enforce HTTPS)

Cloudflare DNS settings (would share the rest but IDK if they’re private)

Cloudflare SSL settings

Cloudflare Page Rules

Don’t really know if I needed all this information but I’d rather have more than enough, If I didn’t provide something you need to help me out please reply and I will respond with it ASAP.

I hope everyone is safe out there! Thanks for reading my post!

In order to use the Full (strict) mode for SSL protection, you need to configure the key/certificate manually on your server. If you can’t do that, just stick to the Full option.