Site Not Found(404)

I inputted all my HTML files, CSS files and img folder then tried to go to my page but it said, Site Not Found, with the number 404 on top. Here is my repository:

Hello. 👋

To activate a GitHub page, go to your repository settings, scroll down to GitHub Pages, set your source to the branch you want to use, in this case, it seems to be the master branch with /root folder which is the default.

After that, you should see a green label above the source heading saying something along the lines of Your site is published at <URL>.

If you want the site to be your GitHub root, rename your repository and change the username to your username, so in this case.

Sometimes you might also need to add /index.html at the end of the endpoint, I’ve noticed myself it’s kind-of random, sometimes you have too, sometimes you don’t.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Once I do that, my images are not loaded in there.

It looks like the image you’re trying to fetch isn’t in the repository, the code is looking for img/InsertPicture.png but that image isn’t in the img folder.

Modify your code to add the correct image path or add the correct image and that should be fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

The weird thing is, on my local version of the website it has a big picture in the background, and I put it in inside the CSS folder. However it isnt showing up. I know how to fix the other pic now, thanks! Just need help witht that one.

Your CSS is using background-image: url(../img/stormpizza.png); the ../ means the CSS will traverse up one directory and then look for the img folder, the problem with that is that your CSS is in the root folder when the CSS is traversing up one folder it won’t find the img folder, try removing that part and see if the image loads. :slightly_smiling_face:

That worked! Thanks. One more question, so sorry for bothering you. I have different oages like a video page and the home one, how can I make links to them with the buttons at the top that I have? I have the coding there i just need to know like the url and how I get it.

Nevermind, just found out how! Thanks!

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So sorry to bother you yet again. When I go onto my page,, some items moved up. It looks normal in my local version, how can I fix that?

This helped. Thank you @thinkverse

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