Single sign-on to PHP based simple web app using ISAM/Tivoli access manager

Hi ,
I need some guidance regarding “single sign-on” and “ibm security verify access v10”. I am not particularly a programmer but based on the task given to me i created a simple PHP based web app that uses html form (username/password) and authenticates users against “traditional microsoft active directory” and i used “xampp apache web server” and sometimes “IIS web server”.

Now i am trying to do is to give my web app single sign-on using ibm security verify access but i am getting confused and lost here because it’s not easy to find information related to this exact configuration. One concept that might be useful is i think 'Forms Single Sign-on" but I can’t find out a clear configuration example so i can compare and implement. I need help with this i.e what is the best SSO option based on my situation and how or where i can find se material e.g how to implement forms sso in this situation. I am still in training phase and merely month and a half in so most of its overwhelming.

My setup that i have right now is:

1: one VM for Security Verify Access console

2: one VM which runs windows server 2016 amd active directory where i have created some users

3: one VM running same OS and Security Directory Server as my external LDAP

4: A simple php HTML form based web app

Thank you.